1. Money

Finally! Welcome to Retirement


The day has arrived. Are you ready to actually retire? What should you do? From Social Security to estate planning concerns, here are some things to consider when you retire.
  1. Social Security
  2. Estate Planning
  3. Health and Long-Term Care Insurance
  4. Spending Money in Retirement

Social Security

Don't underestimate the importance of Social Security, nor the impact of your choices about how and when to take it.

Estate Planning

If you're not one who's excited to talk about your eventual death, you're not alone. Still, be among those well-prepared for life's certainty. Make sure your heirs are taken care of in the manner you see fit. Here are some important considerations for doing just that.

Health and Long-Term Care Insurance

Millions of older Americans are unprepared for the likelihood of incurring extensive medical costs during their latter years. Be sure to choose your health and long-term insurance options wisely.

Spending Money in Retirement

You've saved your whole life to enjoy your golden years. Continue down your wisely selected path by considering the following factors when determining how best to access your funds when you're actually in retirement.

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