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IRA Withdrawals

Learn the ins and outs of withdrawing money from your IRA: how much, how often, and why.

IRA Withdrawals
An IRA withdrawal is any distribution from your individual retirement account. It's critical to understand how your distribution will affect your financial future, both from tax and retirement planning perspectives.

Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules
When can you make withdrawals from your Roth IRA account? Roth IRA withdrawals are different than regular IRA withdrawals. Roth IRA withdrawals are tax-free, as along as certain conditions are met.

How Much Can You Withdraw From Your Retirement Account Each Year?
What is the real safe withdrawal rate? Many experts feel withdrawing 4% of your initial retirement account balance, then adjusting annually for inflation is the right amount. But such a straightforward approach does leave us with some pretty illogical conclusions. Learn what to consider when contemplating what you can afford to spend in retirement.

Impact of an Early Distribution From a Retirement Plan
Understand the key considerations, including taxes and lost future investment growth, when taking money out of your 401K or IRA prior to retirement.

Keep the Cash in Your IRA
5 reasons why your retirement funds should be off limits before you reach retirement age.

Get the Money Out of Your 401(k) or IRA
When it's time to retire, there are decisions to be made. How will you withdraw your savings? At what rate? How will you change your investments? Find out how to withdraw from a 401(k) at retirement.

Calculating and Taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
Even if you haven't thought about how much you'd like to take out of your retirement plan this year, it's possible that the IRS already has. Learn about the Required Minimum Distributions you may face one day.

Roth IRA Distributions
The use of Roth IRA distributions as an emergency fund is a noteworthy concept. Nonetheless, it is fraught with significant disadvantages including negative tax and retirement planning consequences. Learn what to consider whenever you take a Roth IRA distribution, be it before or during retirement.

Roth IRA – Five-Year Rule for Distributions
To benefit from the tax-free growth of a Roth IRA, you must keep your assets in your account for five years after your initial contribution. Like with other fun tax rules, five years can actually go by a lot quicker. Learn how.

Roth IRAs Have No RMDs
Some retirement plans require individuals to make a minimum withdrawal each year. But if you want to keep more money in your plan and take advantage of greater tax-free growth, a Roth IRA may be the plan for you.

Normal Distributions from Retirement Plans
Learn the tax treatment and definition of normal retirement plan distributions.

Life Expectancy and Required Minimum Distributions
Shortly after your 70th birthday, you will be forced to begin withdrawing money from your 401K and regular IRA. The exact minimum withdrawal mandates is called your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Learn how to calculate your RMD and view the Uniform Life Expectancy tables.

How to Retire on Less
In an ideal world, you'd retire with a large portfolio. Alas, you may not live in that ideal world. Does that mean you can't retire? Hardly. Here are six tips for retiring on less.

Can I withdraw money from my IRA before I retire?
Yes, you can withdrawal money from your IRA before you retire, but be careful. There can be restrictions and penalties.

Can I withdraw money from my Roth IRA before I retire?
Can you withdraw money from your Roth IR before you retire? Yes, but you could be penalized on the growth of your original investment.

Exceptions to IRA and 401(k) Early Withdrawal Penalties
There are some exceptions to the penalties for withdrawing money from an individual retirement account, 401(k) plan or other qualified distribution plan. Find out what the IRA withdrawal exemptions are and who qualifies.

4% Rule - What Is the 4% Rule?
An explanation of the 4% rule, the general rule of thumb for safely withdrawing funds from a retirement portfolio.

Retirement Requirement - What You Must Do With Your Retirement Account
Required Minimum Distributions

Should I Name a Trust as IRA Beneficiary?
Naming a trust as an IRA beneficiary

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