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Retirement Planning by the Decade

As you mature, so must your retirement planning priorities and strategies. Recognizing possible different investing approaches and taking advantage of tax planning opportunities are critical components to achieving financial independence.

Retirement Planning In Your Twenties A Great Time to Begin Retirement ...
Retirement Planning in your twenties is a great time to begin. Maximizing your 401K match and paying off your debt are key financial planning objectives during the decade.

Retirement Planning In Your Thirties – A Great Time to Increase Your ...
Retirement planning in your thirties presents the true need to save more with the competing realities of increased expenses due to a growing family. Before the college bills come due, increase the amount you save for retirement and keep an eye on appropriate long-term investment strategies.

Top 5 Retirement Planning Essentials
If you haven't started building your nest egg, or even if you have, get to know the five most important things to know about saving for retirement.

Retirement Planning Has Changed How to Plan for the New Retirement
The decline of defined benefit pensions and the uncertainty surrounding Social Security are just two of the various important changes to today's retirement compared to a generation ago. Learn what you can and should do about the new retirement. Your retirement planning must change.

Financial Education for the Over-50 Set
How Finances 50+, from the AARP and Charles Schwab Foundation, aims to help baby boomers with financial education, mentoring and advocacy.

Impact of an Early Distribution From a Retirement Plan
Understand the key considerations, including taxes and lost future investment growth, when taking money out of your 401K or IRA prior to retirement.

Retirement Planning Running Late? Use These Catch-Up Provisions
If you're a late starter or are just finding yourself behind your retirement planning goals, the catch-up provisions just might provide you with the ability to make up for lost time.

Want to Retire But Can’t Afford to Retire? Working Longer May Be The Solution
Many people seek to retire at age 62 but can't actually afford to retire so young. While not necessarily the most attractive step, the action most likely to be successful is to delay the date you retire. A three year delay can mean up to a third more available to you after you retire.

Life Expectancy and Required Minimum Distributions
Shortly after your 70th birthday, you will be forced to begin withdrawing money from your 401K and regular IRA. The exact minimum withdrawal mandates is called your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Learn how to calculate your RMD and view the Uniform Life Expectancy tables.

How to Retire on Less
In an ideal world, you'd retire with a large portfolio. Alas, you may not live in that ideal world. Does that mean you can't retire? Hardly. Here are six tips for retiring on less.

The Most Retirement-Ready Cities
Some cities are closer to beating the retirement odds than others. How does yours stack up?

Considerations for an Ideal Retirement
With all the focus on the monetary aspects of retirement planning, it's easy to lose sight of the big picture: your happiness during retirement. Learn some of the big issues of retirement that have little to do with money and add your own suggestions for the community.

What is your definition of an ideal retirement?
Different people envision retirement differently. More than a certain amount of money, tell us what retirement means to you.

Things to Consider When Retiring Overseas
5 tips for planning the perfect overseas retirement from a relocation consultant.

Top 5 Retirement Planning Stories of the Decade
Since the year 2000, the retirement planning landscape has undergone some dramatic changes. Learn the five biggest retirement planning stories of the last decade.

Last Minute Retirement Planning
Even late starters to retirement planning have options. Whether by taking advantage of the 401(k) and IRA catch-up provisions or by strategically delaying your retirement date, you can still achieve a comfortable retirement via solid last-minute planning.

Save for Retirement at Any Age
From your teens to your senior years, here's how to save for retirement.

Retirement Planning in Your 20s
Although you're a long way from retirement, your 20s are still a great time to begin preparing. With a solid understanding of your goals, you can take advantage of opportunities such as IRAs and 401(k)s while you're still young.

A Totally Gen-X Retirement
Generation X, those born between the early 1960s to around 1980, is the group that retires after the baby boomers. Now more than ever, it's important for Gen-Xers to plan and save for retirement.

5 Questions About Retirement and Bankruptcy
How does bankruptcy affect your retirement funds, and is it the solution for you?

Retirement Planning in Your 50s
You can sense retirement is coming. Are you ready? Here's what you should be thinking about as you prepare to wind down your working years.

How to Be a Better Retirement Investor
Investing is not instinctual and most of us don't know what we're doing. But with a little bit of understanding and discipline, you can make the most of your retirement investments. Here's how to become a better retirement investor.

Retirement Planning in Your 30s
You've finished schooling and are now firmly entrenched in the "real world." You may have begun to acquire grown-up things too, like a family car and a house. But where are you with regard to planning for your financial future? Here's a good summary of what you should be thinking about while you are in your 30s.

Retirement Planning in Your 40s
With a couple of decades of earnings behind you and about the same amount ahead, your 40s are perfect time to both evaluate your progress to date and to make solid plans for your future.

Retirement, With Children
An adult child moving home is not necessarily a retirement killer. But you must establish clear guidelines so that your retirement savings and retirement plan remain in tact.

Essential Retirement Documents
The essential documents to have ready before you retire.

Best Places to Retire Abroad
The 10 best places in the world to retire outside of the U.S.

Overcome 5 Pre-Retirement Hurdles
5 Pre-Retirement Obstacles to Avoid

Going Back to Work After Retirement
Should you look for a job after you retire?

What Is a Pension
Think the traditional pension plan is a myth? Although rare, pensions actually exist.

Retirement Ready Checklist
Retirement readiness checklist for pre-retirees

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